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    A step-by-step detailed course walking you through the WHAT, WHY and HOW of proven YouTube growth strategies

    Are you tired of spinning your wheels on YouTube?

    Every day on YouTube I see creators posting the most incredible content--but no one is watching it. There are creators who have been on YouTube for YEARS, and their subscribers have basically flatlined. The problem is not that the content is no good--it's because they have no idea how YouTube really works and how to use strategy to get more views and subscribers.

    Proven results!

    In this Masterclass I teach you every single strategy I used to grow the Raven Elyse TV channel to over 1.7 million subscribers and over 200 million video views.

    Whether you have 5,000 or 500,000 subscribers may be wishing you could grow your audience, reach more of your ideal viewers...entertain, inspire, and maybe even educate more people. And I'm here to help you do just that.

    YouTube isn't what it was 5 years ago

    Honestly, none of the social media platforms are. All of them, including YouTube, are continuously changing--and that means you have to continually educate yourself--you have to keep up! And that's where this Masterclass comes in!

    Get ahead of the pack!

    YouTube is NOT too saturated

    Some people are saying that YouTube is too saturated--or it's too late to try and grow a larger audience on YouTube. Let me tell you...YouTube is NOT saturated with creators that are doing YouTube the RIGHT way.

    It's not luck!

    People also say that you just have to get lucky to grow a large YouTube following. Yes, some channels get lucky, but those channels are SUPER rare. If you want to rely on luck to turn all of the hard work you're putting in to make your channel a success--that's probably not a good idea.

    So what does it take to set yourself apart from the rest?

    So what does it take to set yourself apart from the rest? Besides the hard work you're already putting in you'll need to learn the strategies, best practices, and techniques it takes to grow on YouTube. Not only do you need to learn WHAT the strategies and techniques are--you need to learn HOW and WHEN to implement them!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the Masterclass start and end?

    These course starts as soon as you register and never ends! It is a self-paced online course -- you decide when you start and when you finish.

    How long do I have access to the Masterclass?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

    Will I be able to access the entire Masterclass on Day 1?

    You will have immediate access to Module 0 (which is basically a "get familiar" with how the Masterclass is laid out, and Module 1 as soon as your purchase is completed. So that you don't get overwhelmed, you will get access to each subsequent Module every 7 days.

    What if I'm unhappy with the Masterclass?

    Please be sure to carefully read the entire course description and FAQ before you enroll. That being said, I would not want anyone in the course who is not finding it beneficial, so there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Can I take this class if I just started my YouTube channel?

    You CAN take the class--there is information here that will be helpful as you grow your audience, however, the strategies taught in the Masterclass will be most beneficial to creators who have attracted at least a few thousand subscribers and who have posted at least 50 videos on their channel.

    What if I have questions along the way?

    Every week I host a Zoom Q&A call that lasts at least one hour where you can get clear on action items and get any of your questions about the course answered LIVE. You also have access to me via email. Additionally, the private Facebook Group is a great resource to get your questions answered by other Masterclass alumni and currently enrolled students.

    What students are saying

    You can achieve the same results!

    “I’ve spent so much time watching Youtube video after video about how to properly grow my channel and I learned things in this course I never knew or even heard about. There was so much information! My channel subscriber amount has more than doubled since I joined, the growth is amazing!”

    Abie K.

    "I joined the masterclass and followed everything she told us to do down to the T, when I tell you my channel started GROWING!!! Money started GROWING!!!! & sponsorships started GROWING!!!! I’m still mind blown about the success of my channel."

    Kisha P.

    "Taking this course made me realize without strategy your platform cannot grow! The best aspect of this course was that Ms. Toni was real, she didn't sugar coat anything. With this course you're receiving useful and helpful information, no fluff here."

    Melisa K.

    Hi! I'm Toni Tanner-Scott

    I help creators just like you grow their YouTube channels


    I've been working in the world of internet marketing for nearly 20 years--teaching classes, coaching, and helping businesses reach more customers through social media.

    I created this Masterclass to teach YouTube creators the exact strategies I used to grow the Raven Elyse TV channel to over 1.7 million subscribers and 222 million video views.

    I love helping business owners and creators scale their audiences and their income and I can help you too!

    There are over 2 BILLION active YouTube users watching over 500 million hours of video a day. And a lot of them are looking for content just like yours.

    - Toni Tanner-Scott | Creator, YouTube Growth Masterclass

    Inside of the YouTube Growth Masterclass you'll learn how to:

    • LEVEL UP your brand to attract more viewers, get more brand deals, and look more professional

    • TRANSFORM your channel home page to increase viewership and subscriber rates

    • OPTIMIZE your content to get more clicks (which means more views, more opportunities for engagement, and more click-thru purchases)

    • INCREASE watch time on your channel and keep viewers coming back for more.

    • LEVERAGE the YouTube algorithm and create superfans using repurposed content

    • CREATE a game plan so you're showing up consistently to efficiently and effectively move closer to your goals each week.

    24+ Video Lessons

    Video presentations, how to's, examples, walking you through detailed growth strategies

    Weekly Live Q&A Calls

    12 one-hour Zoom sessions to go deeper into the strategies and get any lingering questions answered LIVE.

    Private Community

    Access to our exclusive private Facebook group where you can collaborate, get feedback, share resources, and more.


    Access to our full library of resources, including recordings of Q&A sessions, worksheets, guides & tools

    Email Support

    12 months of direct access to me via email for questions and support regarding anything related to the YouTube Growth Masterclass

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you are unhappy for any reason you will receive a full refund.

    Masterclass Curriculum Includes:

    Module 1

      Branding is the foundation of the success of your entire YouTube channel. Your brand identity, brand message, and visual branding all play a part in attracting your ideal viewers. Viewers who will stick around, happily engage with you, watch more of your content and share with others.

    Module 3

    This module is all about making people click and start watching your videos. What are the best title and thumbnail combinations? Which tags should I use? What's so important about my video description? What do I need to do to get my videos suggested by YouTube? Just a few of the questions that you'll get the answers to plus more.

    Module 5

    You may have heard of "view velocity" on Youtube. You'll learn exactly how it works and how to promote your videos to complement this process. When to post, what to do right after you post, and how to keep the flow of viewers coming to your videos. You'll learn all this plus how use your Youtube analytic data so that you know exactly what to post next.

    Module 2

    Your Youtube channel home page needs to grab your potential subscriber's attention, tell them everything they need to know about you and your brand, and encourage them to come back again and again to consume more of your content.

    Module 4

    This module is all about how to keep people watching. What should my videos be about? How do I film and edit my videos to get people to watch longer? How do I find new content ideas that my audience wants to watch? How do I create more discoverable content to draw in more subscribers?

    Module 6

    Everyone says that consistency and frequency are key components of growing a large audience on Youtube, but not everyone knows how to accomplish this. You'll learn about tracking your progress, goal setting, planning, batching, and workflows that keep your channel running smoothly.

    If you're truly ready to grow your channel...

    ...(beyond subscriber count) via watch time and increase your YouTube revenue, this course is the way! The modules are packed with ‘major keys’, best practices, and tried and true ways to be successful and drive and grow your channel. I felt stuck ahead of this course, worried about how I would continue to monetize, but now on the other side, I’m happily overwhelmed with the tools and methods that were shared here, to help me be successful. More watch time, value, and growth in my channel’s future- and it is truly a result of this course!

    Kashay E.